Why To Hire a Concrete Cutting Service, Instead Of DIY

Why To Hire a Concrete Cutting Service, Instead Of DIY

Concrete cutting may seem easy; however, the process itself has its own difficulties due to the need for precise and safe cuts. For effective and efficient cutting, it is essential to know a few things.

No matter if you need to remodel a concrete structure or remove it – a concrete cutting is unavoidable. This process is composed of drilling, sawing and removing the concrete. A job you should not do by yourself because you can cause unexpected additional problems.

Nowadays, you can find so many different types and sizes of concrete saws and blades. Regardless if you are buying a brand new saw or just renting, the project’s success depends on selecting the right saw for the job. Different materials require different saws and blades’ depths. For example, wet saws are most often used to reduce dust during cutting. Ideal for smooth and small cuts. Concrete saws with diamond blades are considered as most professional saws, bringing clean and sharp cuts in minimal time. They are also used in decorative concrete projects. For massive projects, the walk-behind saws are perfect. On the other hand, a handheld saw is used for creating professional corner cuts and flush cutting.

Cutting depth also affects the right type of saw. Any surface deeper than 4 inches will be easily cut with a hand saw. Obviously, increased cutting depth means increased cutting density. Surface deeper than 6 inches requires hiring concrete cutting professionals who will do the job safely and efficiently.

A single project cannot be completed with just one saw. Usually, several different saws are required for completing the job. Instead of buying more saws, the best choice is to hire someone who has a good collection of saws and blades. Always check the equipment before starting to work. The blades have to be in their best condition. They shouldn’t be damaged because they may be dangerous to the worker’s life. Replace them immediately. Not to neglect the fact that blades need to be sharp. Otherwise, the cutting will be time-consuming and less effective.

Have you thought that concrete cutting process has its own perfect time to be done? For creating precise cuts, you should wait for the perfect time for cutting: when concrete is neither moist nor fully laid.

You should look for a professional offering concrete sawing and drilling services with over 20 years experience in your region. They will carry your project until the end.