What To Do When Your Tuttnauer’s Cut-Out Thermostat Doesn’t Shut Off Autoclave Power

What To Do When Your Tuttnauer’s Cut-Out Thermostat Doesn’t Shut Off Autoclave Power

Tuttnauer is one of the most popular manufacturers of sterilization products. The company has been manufacturing products that are used in medical environments, universities, and laboratories across the globe for more than 85 years. In fact, if you have an autoclave, there’s a very good chance it’s a Tuttnauer.

While these autoclaves are certainly among the best on the market, they can have issues during their long lifetime. Some of these problems are fairly easy to fix and others might be more serious, requiring a more technical repair or even a complete unit replacement.

Today, you’re going to learn what to do if the cut-out thermostat on your Tuttnauer autoclave doesn’t turn off power to the unit.

4 Things You Should Check First

If the cut-out thermostat isn’t turning off power to the autoclave, you should look at these 4 things.

  1. Ensure that the sensing probe is installed in the upper channel of the heating element that’s furthest in the rear.
  2. Verify that the sensing probe fits tightly in the upper channel.
  3. Check all tubing connected to the probe to ensure there are no kinks. If there are any kinks, get them out of the tubing.
  4. Test all heating elements for a ground short.

What To Do If You Don’t Find Any Problems

After following the 4 steps above, it’s completely possible that you won’t find any problems with your autoclave. If you can’t pinpoint the problem, what should you do? Should you call a professional autoclave repair service? Does your entire Tuttnauer unit need to be replaced.

First things first, don’t waste your money by sending your unit to an autoclave repair shop. With the vast amount of resources available online, the average person has everything he or she needs to repair their own autoclave. And if you’ve carefully followed the 4 steps above, you’ve already done everything they would do at an autoclave repair facility.

It’s also not necessary to go out and buy a completely new autoclave. Your unit should still be fine (provided all other components are functioning properly). All you need to do is just replace the cut-out thermostat. It’s that simple. When you get a new thermostat installed, your sterilizer should be up and running like new again. Just verify that the cut-out thermostat will turn off power to the autoclave, and you’ll be all set.

Remember, when buying any replacement parts for your autoclave, ensure you are getting them from a reputable dealer that offers top quality, guaranteed parts and components.