Stay Green With Parcel Delivery

Stay Green With Parcel Delivery

In modern society living an eco-friendly lifestyle is vastly encouraged. Schools, charities and even the government are all persuading us to live greener lifestyles, and there are more and more reasons why we should watch out for our carbon footprints, with the rise in global warming and the wastage of energy every year, we should all do our bit to help improve the environment we live in.

A simple way we can all become that little bit more eco friendly is by doing our consumer shopping online, as the whole process can be done without leaving your home. This is more eco-friendly than if you drove to the shops to do your shopping, as you are releasing harmful carbon emissions into the environment, which could be saved by just doing it all online. Another benefit of doing your consumer shopping online is that parcel delivery companies are used to transport your items, so rather everyone driving to collect or drop off their items, a parcel courier does it all for you so only one van is used in the process. This can save on unnecessary pollution from cars, and you can just carry on with your usual day to day activities while a parcel courier transports them.

The benefit of online parcel delivery companies is that now many of the leading couriers on the market have recently released trucks and vans that are energy efficient and a lot of companies have set corporate responsibilities to try and become more eco-friendly. DHL one of the worlds leading logistic companies has implemented the GoGreen corporate program. The GoGreen campaign minimizes the impact of DHL’s actions on the environment by using resources in a responsible manner.

They are the first global logistics company to set a quantified C02 efficiency target. By 2020, they intend to improve their energy efficiency by 30 percent compared with 2007 – using such measures as more efficient transport, optimized planning, alternative sources of energy and innovative technologies. Additionally parcel delivery services offer their customers a broad range of products to reduce and offset their carbon emissions, including recyclable packaging and labeling products.

There are so many parcel delivery companies to choose from online, that it is not hard to find one that will help make your carbon footprint smaller, so you can have that ease of mind that you’re benefiting the environment around you, even with the small and simple way such as using parcel couriers.