Knowledge Mapping

Knowledge Mapping

This module focuses on the fundamental principles of Expertise Mapping, its great importance, principles, and methodologies.

Crucial Concerns

  • What is K-map?
  • What does the K-map clearly show, and what do we map?
  • Why is K-mapping so vital?
  • What are some of the important concepts, methodologies, and issues for K-mapping?
  • How do we generate K-map?

Track record

Just about every of the earlier generations has been dominated by single technologies. The eighteenth century was the time of the good mechanical devices accompanying the Industrial Revolution. The nineteenth century was the age of steam motor. Following these, the important technologies has been info accumulating, processing and distribution. Amongst other developments, the set up of environment extensive telephone networks, the creation of radio and television, the birth and unprecedented development of the pc field and the launching of communication satellites are major. Now folks started out to believe that only details is not plenty of, what issues is Awareness. So there has been seen change from Data to Knowledge.

A bit of info with out context and interpretation is info this sort of as numbers, symbols.

Information and facts is a set of data with context and interpretation. Facts is the foundation for know-how.

Knowledge is a established of info and details, to which is added pro viewpoint and expertise, to outcome in a precious asset which can be used or utilized to aid conclusion building. Awareness may perhaps be specific and/or tacit, person and/or collective.

The time period -Expertise Mapping- appears to be to be rather new, but it is not. We have been practising this in our daily existence, just what we are not undertaking is – we are not documenting it, and we are not accomplishing it in a systematic way. Expertise Mapping is all about maintaining a record of information and information you have to have these types of as where you can get it from, who holds it, whose skills is it, and so on. Say, you have to have to discover a little something at your house or in your area, you can uncover it in no time mainly because you have practically all the info/information about -what is the place- and -who appreciates what- at your home. It is a type of map set in your intellect about your home. But, to set this kind of a map about your organisation and organisational information in your intellect is almost not possible. This is wherever K-map results in being handy and reveals specifics of each and every bit of know-how that exists inside the organisation including spot, quality, and accessibility and information needed to operate the organisation effortlessly – consequently creating you able to find out your required knowledge conveniently and successfully.

Underneath are some of the definitions:

It really is an ongoing quest inside of an group (which include its source and shopper chain) to assist find the place, possession, value and use of know-how artifacts, to study the roles and experience of individuals, to determine constraints to the move of awareness, and to spotlight alternatives to leverage current understanding.

Knowledge mapping is an essential follow consisting of study, audit, and synthesis. It aims to monitor the acquisition and reduction of information and expertise. It explores particular and group competencies and proficiencies. It illustrates or “maps” how understanding flows all through an organization. Knowledge mapping helps an business to value how the loss of team influences mental cash, to support with the range of teams, and to match technological know-how to know-how desires and procedures.

– Denham Grey

Information mapping is about making awareness that is readily available in an organisation clear, and is about offering the insights into its top quality.

– Willem-Olaf Huijsen, Samuel J. Driessen, Jan W. M. Jacobs

Understanding mapping is a process by which organisations can establish and categorise know-how assets within their organisation – men and women, procedures, written content, and engineering. It makes it possible for an organisation to totally leverage the existing knowledge resident in the organisation, as properly as recognize boundaries and constraints to fulfilling strategic goals and objectives. It is constructing a roadmap to locate the info required to make the very best use of resourses, independent of resource or sort.

-W. Vestal, APQC, 2002

(American Productivity & Quality Heart)

Know-how Map describes what information is employed in a method, and how it flows close to the procedure. It is the foundation for identifying knowledge commonality, or spots in which similar information is made use of across a number of system. Essentially, a system understanding map cntains information about the organisation?s know-how. It describes who has what awareness (tacit), where the understanding resides (infrastructure), and how the awareness is transferred or disseminated (social).

-IBM Worldwide Solutions

How are the Knowledge Maps designed?

Understanding maps are established by transferring tacit and express information into graphical formats that are effortless to understand and interpret by the close users, who may well be professionals, gurus, program developers, or anyone.

Fundamental steps in making K-maps:

Basic measures – building K-maps for specific job

  • The results of the total method, and their contributions to the critical organisational pursuits
  • Sensible sequences of all the activities desired to accomplish the goal
  • Expertise demanded for just about every activity offers the expertise gap
  • Human resource needed to undertake every action exhibits if recruitment is necessary

What do we map?

The followings are the objects we map:

  • Specific know-how
    • issue
    • purpose
    • area
    • format
    • ownership
    • people
    • access correct
  • Tacit information

    • skills
    • ability
    • encounter
    • site
    • accessibility
    • call deal with
    • associations/networks
  • Tacit organisational procedure expertise

    • the men and women with the internal processing expertise
  • Express organisational process understanding

    • codified organisational system information

What do the understanding maps present?

Know-how map displays the sources, flows, constraints, and sinks of expertise inside of an organisation. It is a navigational support to equally express facts and tacit knowledge, displaying the relevance and the associations among knowledge merchants and the dynamics. The following list will be additional illustrative in this regard:

  • Readily available awareness assets
  • Information clusters and communities
  • Who takes advantage of what awareness resources
  • The paths of expertise exchange
  • The expertise lifecycle
  • What we know we don?t know (knowledge gap)

Exercise: 1

>> Can you produce your particular knowledge map which reveals the kinds and area of awareness methods you use, the channels you use to access expertise?

Exactly where does expertise reside?

Knowledge can be observed in

  • Correspondents, inside paperwork
  • Library
  • Archives (earlier job files, proposals)
  • Conferences
  • Greatest tactics
  • Expertise
  • Company memory

Action: 2

>> What are the other areas in which you can come across knowledge?

What are the other points to be mapped?

Rewards of K-mapping

In quite a few organisations there is a deficiency of transparency of organisation vast expertise. Valuable awareness is often not used because people do not know it exists, even if they know the know-how exists, they might not know in which. These issues direct to the awareness mapping. Followings are some of the essential reasons for executing the information mapping:

  • to obtain important resources of understanding generation
  • to encourage reuse and avert reinvention
  • to come across vital information and facts speedily
  • to highlight islands of expertise
  • to supply an stock and evaluation of intellectual and intangible belongings
  • to improve selection earning and dilemma fixing by supplying relevant facts
  • to offer insights into corporate awareness

The map also serves as the consistently evolving organisational memory, capturing and integrating the important expertise of an organisation. It permits workforce studying by means of intuitive navigation and interrogation of the information in the map, and by the generation of new awareness as a result of the discovery of new associations. Merely talking, K-map offers staff members not only -know what-, but also -know how-.

Vital concepts of Expertise Mapping

  • Since of their electrical power, scope, and impact, the creation of organisational-level information map demands senior administration support as effectively as cautious preparing
  • Share your knowledge about figuring out, getting, and monitoring understanding in all kinds
  • Recognise and locate expertise in a extensive assortment of sorts: tacit, explicit, official, casual, codified, personalised, inner, exterior, and long lasting
  • Information is discovered in procedures, interactions, policies, persons, files, discussions, links and context, and even with partners
  • It must be up-to-date and accurate

K-mapping – crucial concerns

Awareness map presents an assessment of existing and required knowledge and data in the following groups:

  • What understanding is desired for function?
  • Who requirements what?
  • Who has it?
  • In which does it reside?
  • Is the knowledge tacit or express?
  • What problems does it tackle?
  • How to make certain that the K-mapping will be employed in an organisation?


  • K-maps should be effortlessly accessible to all in the organisation
  • It need to be simple to fully grasp, update and evolve
  • It need to be up-to-date routinely
  • It need to be an ongoing process considering that expertise landscapes are continually shifting and evolving

Offline Readings:

  • K-mapping applications
  • K-mapping resource assortment
  • Building information maps by exploiting dependent interactions
  • Developing awareness framework map?
  • White webpages
  • KM jargon and glossary

On the net Source:

K-mapping Tools:

  • MindMapping
  • Inspiration
  • IHMC ( (need to have.Web Framework and JavaRunTime mounted in your laptop or computer)

(Understand extra about KM resource collection at )

Categorised K-mapping

Social Community Mapping:

This demonstrates networks of expertise and patterns of interaction amongst users, groups, organisations, and other social entities who is familiar with who, who goes to whom for assistance and assistance, where by the data enters and leaves the teams or organisation, which discussion boards and communities of exercise are operational and making new expertise.

Competency Mapping:

With this variety of mapping, 1 can build a competency profile with skill, positions, and even occupation route of an particular person. And, this can also be converted into the?organisational yellow webpages? which enables employees to obtain required knowledge in people today inside the organisation.

Course of action-based mostly Understanding Mapping:

This demonstrates understanding and sources of knowledge for inner as effectively as external organisational procedures and treatments. This incorporates tacit understanding (information in men and women these types of as know-how, and experience) and specific information (codified knowledge these types of as that in document).

Conceptual Know-how Mapping:

Also from time to time identified as -taxonomy-, it is a process of hierarchically organising and classifying written content. This requires in labelling items of awareness and associations among them. A concept can be defined as any device of imagined, any thought that varieties in our intellect [Gertner, 1978]. Often, nouns are made use of to refer to principles [Roche, 2002]. Relations type a unique course of principles [Sowa, 1984]: they describe connections concerning other concepts. A person of the most vital relations among concepts is the hierarchical relation (subsumption), in which a person principle (superconcept) is a lot more standard than another concept (subconcept) like All-natural Resource Administration and Watershed Administration. This mapping should be equipped to relate related sort of initiatives and workshops conducting/performed by two distinctive departments, creating them a lot more built-in.

Awareness is electric power, broadly accessible, easy to understand, and shared information is even a lot more highly effective!