How To Kill Stink Bugs – How Effective Is Power Washing Your Home?

How To Kill Stink Bugs – How Effective Is Power Washing Your Home?

One of the most effective ways how to kill stink bugs and to keep them from invading your home is to power wash your home regularly. Power washing can achieve a number of desirable outcomes (desirable for you but undesirable for stink bugs):

It can eliminate any trace of the odoriferous emanations that previous stink bugs may have released while perched upon the windows of your home. By doing so, you will be able to reduce the likelihood that other stink bugs that happen to be flying by will notice the scent and follow it.

Depending the nature of the detergent you use, you will be able to repel these bugs from wanting to come near your home, because the scent will drive them away. Any of these bugs that are already nesting within crevices alongside the exterior of your house can be exterminated on the spot if they come into contact with the detergent that you use to wash the house with. Now, of course there are quite naturally some drawbacks to power washing your home as a means how to kill these bugs:

– It costs money. Doing it yourself can save you money but can cost you in terms of time. If you know how to do it yourself, by all means, go for it. You can always call upon an expert to come and take care of it for you.

– You may need to power wash your home on a regular, frequent basis in order to keep the stink bug problem at bay. It is not a permanent, long term solution for how to kill these bugs. It does, however, buy you some time, giving you some relief from any new infestations.

– You may not appreciate the scent of the washing detergent that is used. Many people have found success with using regular dish washing detergent as a means how to kill them. It seems that this seemingly harmless chemical to humans is extremely lethal to them.

The bottom line is that power washing is definitely something you will want to try.

On the flip side, consider these benefits that power washing your home has to offer in your efforts how to kill them.

– If there is any scent such as pheromones from other stink bugs in the proximity of your house, this solution should eliminate it. This will eliminate any odors that may have been attracting more of these bugs to come toward your house in the first place.

– Doing this will eliminate the foul odor that they emanate, as this odor may have permeated the siding of your house.

– If there were any stink bugs nesting along the siding of your home, washing the exterior of your house should dislodge and displace the nests that they have forged for themselves.

– For a period of time, the power washing solution will serve as a protective coating that will kill any of these bugs on contact.

If you need professional help to rid yourself of your insect problem, then perhaps it may be worth considering to call up your local exterminator, who would be an expert on how to kill stink bugs.