Domestic Cleaning Equipment Every Home Must Have

Domestic Cleaning Equipment Every Home Must Have

Gone are the days when a broom, a mop and a pail were all we had to perform chores. Today, domestic cleaning equipment, which comprises a list of appliances, seeks to make household cleaning simpler and more efficient.

Since there are now so many types of equipment, which are essential? It’s not possible to purchase all kinds so narrowing the list to the basics and the most trusted is the key. Here’s a short sum-up of what to buy as well as the features to look out for.

Vacuum cleaner: The quintessential cleaning tool, you need a vacuum cleaner above all else. Not only is it affordable but you’ll find one to match your needs while keeping within your budget. Features to look out for include a blower facility, larger bag capacity so you don’t need to empty it every few minutes, range of attachment heads to handle even difficult corners, HEPA filter, and good build quality. The last aspect is important because the market’s now flooded with cheap equipment that doesn’t even last a year. Always buy from trusted brands.

Steam cleaner: Ideal for spot cleaning carpets and deep cleaning other surfaces, a steam cleaner is not always part of the homeowner’s cleaning arsenal but it should be. It’s the only appliance that removes even the most stubborn germs

Like vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners must have several features irrespective of whether you buy a hand-held, a canister or an upright. Attachment heads, a larger water tank, higher pressure capability, and temperature control should be elements to watch for. Keep in mind that the machine can’t be used to deep clean carpets so you’ll have to go with the next on the list.

Carpet cleaner: More expensive than vacuum and steam cleaners, a carpet cleaner is nevertheless a powerful tool to keep floor coverings looking and feeling fresh. Periodic professional cleaning is recommended even if you clean carpets every two weeks but a domestic carpet cleaner will keep out a sizable percentage of germs, dirt and stains.

All-purpose cleaner: This is a cleaning agent that can be used to keep wood, metal, glass and plastic surfaces clean. If you want, you can opt for specific cleaners like glass cleaners and wood cleaners but this is a cheaper choice. Remember that certain materials like granite and marble which need special care should only be cleaned with material-specific formulas.

If conventional cleaners don’t live up to your eco-friendly standards, purchase certified green products from reputable companies. They’re much safer to use, don’t leach VOCs, and are gentler on the materials being cleaned. Your health and that of your children and pets too will benefit from the clean and green environment.

Toilet brush, mops, dusters and sponges: These cleaning tools are part of every household and should be included in yours too. Don’t interchange their use because the bacteria they pick up shouldn’t be spread to different areas. For example, toilet brushes should be used only for toilets. Mops used for the bathroom floor should be confined as such. The same with sponges though dusters can be used between rooms.

Once you’ve purchased everything on the list, remember to keep the cleaning tools clean as well. They’ll complement everything you’ve bought and ensure your home is free from pollutants.