You Must Know the Effective and Natural Home Remedies for Piles Treatment

You Must Know the Effective and Natural Home Remedies for Piles Treatment

Life is good only when the health is good. There are many health issues and concerns people deal with every day and the major problem is hemorrhoids or piles. With a little consultation and a change in lifestyle, piles can be controlled. Hemorrhoids are a condition were increased pressure is applied on the anus that causes the veins to swell and sometimes bleed. Natural and effective treatment at home can improve the situation.

Low fiber diet, constipation, pregnancy and prolonged sitting on the hard surface, obesity and many other reasons cause piles. Here are some home remedies for Piles treatment that would work effectively.

Minimize the risk of piles problem

It is possible at home. Every individual can adapt some basic measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize the risk.

Apple cider Vinegar

It can be applied directly on the affected area to control itching and burning. Apple cider vinegar is the best home remedies because the acid present in the Apple cider vinegar will control the bacterial growth in the digestive system. The Magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and the acid content in Apple cider vinegar helps in regulating digestion.

Mango seed

Mix two grams of mango seed powder with honey and consume them every day. Intake of this powder in the morning and evening works as the best piles treatment.

Lime, ginger, and mint

Mix equal amount of lime juice, ginger juice, and mint and mix it with a spoon of honey. Drink this mixture every day to work as a natural piles treatment.

Easy and effective natural treatment

  • Dry figs control constipation. You must soak dry figs in water overnight and consume them in the morning to ease the bowel movement. If your bowel movement is strain-free, it is effective for piles.
  • Mix the juice of radish with honey and consume it two times a day. It reduces the anal inflammation and controls the paid.
  • Jamun leaves work as an effective piles treatment. Drink the juice of Jamun leave mixed with milk and sugar three times a day to control the bleeding.
  • Carrot, turnip, spinach also plays a major role in soothing the anal pain and it improves the bowel movement.
  • Staying hydrated is essential if you are suffering from piles. Drinking 2 glass of buttermilk and plenty of water is important to cure piles and fissure. Add few drops of bitter gourd juice to the buttermilk.
  • Apply the mixture of Epsom salt and glycerin to the anal area. It controls the inflammation and eases the pain.

Take care of your bowel movement by eating fiber rich food. It can be controlled and cured if you can change your lifestyle and avoid spicy food. If you do not want surgical treatment, try these simple home remedies that will have effective results.

On witness, the symptoms of piles, contact the ayurvedic expert who can analyze the problem and suggest you the best treatment methodologies that will help you to get rid of the complications.