What’s A Disorganized Person To Do? By Stacey Platt

What’s A Disorganized Person To Do? By Stacey Platt

“What’s A Disorganized Person To Do?” by Stacey Platt has a subtitle of “317 Ideas, Tips, Projects, and Lists to Unclutter Your Home and Streamline Your Life.” That’s pretty much exactly what this book is, a book of tips, ideas and strategies to organize your home, and thus your life. The book is easy to read and is well organized (I would hope so!) to find the areas you need help with. It can be a good book to quickly read through once, and then use as a reference when you need help with certain areas of your home.

There is a short introduction to the book, and then a section on general principles. These principles are shared, like everything in this book, with short tips or lessons. Things such as Three habits of highly organized people (Consume consciously, spend your clutter, and live within your space means), lessons from the silverware drawer (forks kept with forks, single consistent home, etc.), and ten steps to organizing anything, which I won’t list here.

The book then goes into sections regarding each area of a person’s home. These include: The entry, kitchen, bedrooms and closets, bathrooms, living rooms and dens, home office, utility and storage areas, kid clutter, and finally a section on trips and moving. None of the tips are that long or complicated, and the book has many photographs of well organized areas of the home to motivate you with your organizing. Some tips, like how to fold a fitted sheet are accompanied by photographs to teach you the method.

There are 267 topics in the book. I’m guessing the 317 from the title is because some of the tips contain more than one. Such as topic 4 mentioned above that includes ten steps to organizing anything. Regardless of the number, the book is packed full of tips, suggestions and ideas on organizing. Most likely, you won’t like or use them all. However, I bet you do find things in this book that can help you become more organized. It’s an easy to read book and an attractive one with the layout and quality photographs. (Even though some remind me of some model home in some showcase and not one that is actually lived in)

There are many books on organizing and getting rid of clutter. Some of my favorites are those by Don Aslett, just because I like his style of writing and attitude about the topic. I think this book by Stacey Platt is good for those that need some tips and suggestions on getting organized. It does not have the motivation that Aslett’s books have, but that is his style. I’d recommend this as a good reference for organizational tips and suggestions.