What Are the Benefits and Risks of Implementing Global Help Desk Services?

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Implementing Global Help Desk Services?

The benefits of a Global Help Desk Service are many and that is the reason why many corporate giants invest in a global help desk partner. However, the risk associated with handing over an important part of your business cannot be ignored.

Benefits of Implementing Global Help Desk Services

Single point of contact

A global help desk helps identify the problem sooner and also provides quick solutions that minimize the impact of the issue on the business, especially as it acts as a single point of contact for clients.

Enables IT support at a lower start-up level

Implementing global help desk services enables IT support at a lower start-up level, thus helping organisations control operational costs, which is obviously much less when compared to the cost of hiring and employing dedicated in-house IT staff.

Global IT governance

A global help desk service provider ensures that the operations and policies at all sites, including at overseas sites, are in accordance with global IT governance and policies drafted by headquarters. Issues associated with IT equipment and policies receive greater visibility within the organisation.

Support multiple languages

Global help desk services support multiple languages such as French, German, Chinese, Spanish and English to support the culturally and geographically diverse employees of an organisation.

Improves efficiency over time

As incidents are logged, recorded and managed, knowledge and expertise is accumulated and efficiency is improved over time, ensuring that incidents are resolved and closed faster, thus enhancing customer experience. The best part is that a professional global desk service provider conforms to ITIL best practices.

Having said the above, it is also important to discuss the risks associated with outsourcing the help desk service.

Risks of Implementing Global Help Desk Services

Data security and protection

If your global service desk partner does not have stringent information security measures, it could lead to leakage of crucial employee information. This is the reason why it is important to find a help desk partner who conforms to the international standard of security measures.

Inadequate knowledge of client’s business

More often than not, when a help desk is shared with a third party, there are chances of inadequate understanding of the process and of the client’s business. There is also a risk of inadequate understanding of the customer’s environment. It is crucial that your global service desk partner has a centrally managed database that tracks configurations of all equipment that need support.

Professional global help service desk providers manage incident response and status jointly, thus converting information to experience. Help desk operators use this information and respond swiftly in a shared structure to enhance customer experience.