Traffic Generation Strategies – 5 Strategies To Attract Hordes Of Traffic

Traffic Generation Strategies – 5 Strategies To Attract Hordes Of Traffic

When it comes to traffic generation strategies, it is very important that you pick the right strategies to focus on, so that your time and money is not wasted. There are basically three ways you can get traffic – you can create it, you can buy it or you can borrow it. Creating it essentially means creating content to attract traffic to your websites. Buying it means buying paid traffic through different sources, and borrowing traffic means using other people’s resources such as their lists and their traffic to get visitors to your sites. This article will focus on 5 of the most effective traffic generation strategies you can use to attract hordes of traffic.

Strategy #1: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a very cost-effective advertising method whereby you pay only for your ads when they are clicked on. Hence the name “pay-per-click”. Examples of such systems include Google AdWords and MSN Adcenter, which has now combined with Yahoo to compete with Google. Google’s system has the most traffic but MSN’s ad costs are currently lower due to having less competition. Using both systems will maximize your traffic.

Strategy #2: Article Marketing

This strategy involves writing or outsourcing articles and posting them on to article directories like EzineArticles or other sites where your content can be syndicated on. These can include blogs, general content sites, or content hubs like Squidoo and Hub Pages. The end goal is to get your content syndicated widely around the web, increasing your traffic and brand awareness among consumers in your market.

Strategy #3: Ad Swaps

Ad swapping is a method where you swap ads with other marketers or webmasters. Traditionally, ad swaps involve swapping email ads with other email marketers. In other words, you promote a fellow marketer’s offer to your list, in exchange for them promoting your offer to their list. You can promote each other’s opt-in pages (also known as name squeeze pages) to build each other’s lists fast. However, ad swaps can also comprise of swapping Twitter tweets, Facebook Page posts, banner ads, download page ads etc.

Strategy #4: Solo Ads

Having an email blast out to a responsive list of subscribers is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get big results. One way to do this, apart from doing ad swaps with other list marketers, is to buy solo ads. A solo ad is an email promotion that promotes solely your offer and nothing else is promoted in the email. This ensures that the email gives you the best response possible. You can find newsletters to buy solo ads in by checking out the Directory Of Ezines, which contains listings of email newsletters and ezines, or simply by subscribing to as many quality email lists in your market as possible. Then approach these list owners by asking them if they sell email ads.

Strategy #5: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can still be considered relatively new in the online advertising landscape and it is not as established as Google’s AdWords system, however it is gaining steam in the Internet marketing world. Ad costs are still relatively low, and the thing about Facebook Ads is that you can target the demographics of your market, such as their interests, what movies they watch, what music they listen to etc. This is not possible with other pay-per-click advertising systems, and it is what makes Facebook advertising so powerful if done right.

So there you go, 5 of the hottest traffic generation strategies you can use right away to start getting traffic to your offers. You have no more excuses not to start seeing visitors to your site. It’s time to step on it and take action!