Tools For an Amazing Closet

Tools For an Amazing Closet

What woman or man for that matter, wouldn’t want a super large, super organized closet space to call his or her own? Like anything else in life, the proper tools or equipment is needed to have an excellent result. So, if you want to be an outstanding bicyclist, you need the proper biking shoes, clothing and of course the bike itself. If you want an outstanding closet space, you will need the proper ‘gear’ too.

The proper tools or ‘gear’ to achieving an amazing closet space include the proper size and height of shelving and hanging rods, shoe storage in the form of either individual clear boxes (so you can see which shoes are in each box without opening them), or shoe holders, and the correct hanging system for your sized closet.

First things first; you need to sort through and discard, give away or sell the clothing you don’t wear whatever the reasons. There are several options for the overall organization scheme. You decide based on your lifestyle. One option is to organize by type of clothing; shirts, pants, skirts etc. Take that a step further by sub-categorizing by color. Another option is to organize by type of clothing. One area is for exercise clothing, another for work clothing, another for weekend ‘play’ clothes. Again, you will want o take that a step further by sub-categorizing by type of clothes (shirts, pants, skirts etc.). If you are lucky enough to have the space, you can have seasonal clothing ‘closets’.

Maximize your usable space by going upwards and sideways. Multi-level rods should be used so the shorter and longer hanging clothing items can be easily accessed. Fabric cubbies can be used to store folded items such as sweaters or tee shirts. Label the outside of each bin so you don’t have to guess at what lies within. Belts and ties should be hung from a hanger system. Hooks can be used to hang handbags.

For the D.I.Y.’er, there are countless options for buying closet organizer systems including Lowes, Target, Ikea, and The Container Store. Of course using a professional closet system company to come in to assess your needs and custom build to them is a fabulous option if your finances allow for that.

It will take some time to figure this all out, but the time and frustration it will save you on a daily basis will make it all worthwhile. Don’t forget to re-assess and purge on a regular basis to keep it all in place.

And finally, make it look pleasing to your eye. Paint the walls a fun color, make sure the proper lighting is installed, even hang a piece of art if the space allows.