Happiness: Tips To Break Away From Overprotective Parents

Happiness: Tips To Break Away From Overprotective Parents

In order for the human being to strive for happiness it needs to permit itself to be free. Free to make it’s own decisions, free to be who he or she is, free to make mistakes. The human being cannot do any of these by having over protective parents because it prevents the person from evolving free.

When the person is allowed to be free with minimal guidance it starts to become its true self. It’s happiest when it’s left to thrive and explore it’s own identity, personality and finding out its own desires. We can do this by setting ourselves apart from our parents. The self or person becomes happy when it has freedom of expression of its true self without the guidance or excessive supervision of parents. The self needs to become real, authentic to it’s true nature and be happy.

How will the person achieve happiness?

It needs to be left alone with minimal guidance. As the self is left alone to explore it’s own feelings and thoughts about relationships, career, the meaning of life etc… it achieves happiness when it’s not dependent of another. The self, if left to be trusted with minimal guidance can grow into its true authentic happy self. In other words, the person evolves content in life when given enough trust to thrive in the world on its own. Parents need to learn that little supervision is only needed for the person to change in life. The person flourishes in conditions when left to express its self, and trusted to do so.

As we feel less suffocated in life, aka our parents, we will feel more confident in our skin. What we need in life is splitting far from our parents by setting a personal limit and as we will free and distant from them we’ll work closer to happiness.

We need to feel safe in our relationship with our parents. We need minimal interference so we can explore our true selves. With them out of the picture we are free to become who we are, authentic, real, and not feeling judge or pressured by them. By feeling less pressured and safe in this type of relationship we’ll get happy…

The Person Needs To Break Away

Our happiness does not happen by relying on our parents. We have a better change of being happy in life and growing without the extreme exaggerated supervision. This is when we truly blossom. What do we want? Independence this is the key to our happiness.

Second condition that we need is responsibility. As we learn to take responsibility for our own actions we gain freedom. We want freedom from them or the rest. We learn to grow personally in life when we’re free to choose, decide and execute our thoughts and live our emotions by believing in ourselves. Having overprotective parents is not happiness we can do this.

We’ll reach happiness in life also when we stop behaving like children. Most of us need to stop behaving and thinking like dependent children at an adult age and open up our eyes to reality and see that we are adults. We break away from them because it’s because of them we cannot grow, they force us to be children. We must act our age, make a grown man decision and move forward as adults.

At this point when need to find a way to work our inner child from the past, so we can grow independently from our parents and be happy for once. The person we want to be in life is our selves and we will only reach that feeling by breaking away.