Carpet Cleaning: Ways To Get Your Carpet Immaculately Clean

Carpet Cleaning: Ways To Get Your Carpet Immaculately Clean

Yes, much has been said and done in regards to carpet cleaning but where has it all really gotten you? Many have asked about the best ways of carpet cleaning and some believe they have found the solution to this common household chore, only to find themselves dialing the number of their local professional carpet cleaner! It’s true. Finding effective carpet cleaning secrets can be quite the task. And so it becomes all the more important to find the best tips and tricks for carpet cleaning help you keep your carpet squeaky clean.

The following tips may just be the remedies you are looking for to finally resolve your carpet cleaning issues.

1. Steam Cleaning
Do not get confused or easily swayed by what you see or read on the Internet. The most effective method for cleaning carpet is steam cleaning, or what is commonly called “hot water extraction”. This technique is actually geared towards not only taking away the spots and stains but also removing harmful bacteria, allergens, and other unwanted carpet dwellers.

Steam cleaning works by combining hot water with a cleaning solution. The two work together to capture and eliminate dirt and grime within your carpet. Because the water is very hot it can penetrate deeply into the very roots of the carpet fiber, giving you the squeaky clean carpet you want.

Don’t be surprised if you do not see any steam. This is a common misnomer. Hot water extraction is a more accurate term for this cleaning procedure. You always have the option of buying or renting a machine and doing this yourself. But you can always hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner and ask them to take care of it for you.

2. Foam Or Shampoo Cleaning
Another very commonly used method is foam or shampoo cleaning. This technique uses a foam or shampoo to remove the stains from your carpet. These foams are a little wet when you spray them on an area and are supposed to dry up and result in a removed stain. But many experts say that it is impossible for a stain to suddenly vanish by merely using a foam or shampoo. In fact, according to them, using these types of carpet cleaners might actually accumulate dirt and result in a permanent stain in your carpet.

It is still recommended that you deep clean your carpet once a year, even if there are no stains or visible signs of filth. By incorporating this carpet cleaning procedure with your normal cleaning routines you can be sure that your carpet will be clean on the surface and deeper.