All You Need To Know About Authoritarian Parenting

All You Need To Know About Authoritarian Parenting

One of the most conventional methods of parenting is authoritarian technique. This is technique which was used in 19th century with high standards of behavior and respect and a very formal environment of raising children. It’s a very controlled form of parenting technique. Authoritarian parents focus on shaping, controlling the behavior of children followed by high standards of obedience and discipline. In case of indiscipline of disobedience children are severely punished. It’s the threat of punishments and consequences that compels children to behave in a particular way.

Children are given strict boundaries and are not given a chance to think, their decisions are mostly taken by elders and they just have to abide by the rules. Children who are raised using this style are given jobs to do around the house, as parents believe that having this level of responsibility will encourage the child to have respect for adults and therefore a certain standard of behaviour will be maintained at all times.

Authoritarian parenting do not encourage any level of discussion with the children; it’s more like following rules made by parents without asking any questions. Parents generally have the last word and children are expected to abide by the rules etched out by their guardians and parents.Children are told that they must do as they are told and there is no flexibility or discussion allowed about any situations that may arise within the family unit.

Disadvantages Of Authoritarian Parenting

  • Authoritarian parents are very controlled, but this kind of environment can be very taxing for children. Children generally abide by the rules of the school and teachers at school and when they come back home they need to relax and not feel mechanical.
  • Parents might feel that it’s the best way of disciplining children but by doing this they lose out on warmth and bond which they can otherwise get from their children.
  • Children who are bought up in this fashion are not able to express their desires and can have a disturbed childhood and can later grow up with people low in confidence and poor decision making skills.
  • Authoritarian Parenting is more about what not to do and the discouraging bad behaviour and over emphasis on punishments. Instead the emphasis should be more on encouraging good behaviour.

Authoritarian Parenting Is Not Applicable In 21st Century

Authoritarian form of parenting is much criticized in the 21st century and parents are not encouraged to be very controlled and imposing. They should give their children enough space and flexibility to ask questions and explain rules and standards with pragmatic and logical explanation, instead of putting things like I am older, or I say so. Children subjected to authoritarian kind of parenting generally become very submissive or become a rebel. Authoritarian Parenting can be very stressful for children, which is a very abnormal form of childhood which should be carefree and fun. Discipline and good behavior can be encouraged among children by lots of simple and friendly ways instead of enforcing it with threat and authoritarian measures.