A Quick Review of The Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

A Quick Review of The Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

A portable planer on the job site may be required for contractors and construction companies, or you may need one on your do it yourself home renovation project starting out in your garage. Either way, you are counting on a reliable, convenient small planer that will do your big jobs while remaining portable, easily mobile, and still durable. The planer that you trust to do the job in your wood shop should be trusted to be carried with you to the job. The Makita 2012NB portable bench-top planer is a workhorse that will meet and exceed your expectations. Whatever your finish wood working needs are, this is the planer for you.

Technical Details of Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

Boasting the lowest operating noise level in its class at 83 db, the Makita 2012NB portable planer still has plenty of power and accuracy for any job you throw at it. The 15 amp motor puts out 8500 rpm at its no load speed, working on corded, electric 120-volt power. To ensure its stability, it is equipped with a four-post design composition, featuring diagonal cross supports to keep it steady as you are working. In this same vein, large table extensions brace the piece of wood you are feeding, to ensure user safety. The inclusion of an automated head clamp puts an end to the problem of snipe usually associated with planers, ensuring a smooth, even cut across each board. You are able to plane wood pieces of up to 12 inches wide, to 1/8 inch deep, and 6-3/32 thick with accuracy and precision each time. The 28 feet per minute feed rate ensures a rapid working rate, while the adjustable depth stops mean you can do repeat cuts quickly and conveniently without having to realign anything.

How Is This Machine So Handy?

This machine will become your go-to piece of equipment on the job site or as you are renovating you home, for even, precision cut boards. The user-friendly features such as disposable double edge planer blades that are given over to swift and effortless blade changes will ensure uninterrupted job time. This task is simple and easy, you merely have to unfasten two thumbscrews to reach the cutter head, where you can quickly change the disposable blades. To show that the planer is indeed plugged in to a live power source, and LED light indicator is included in the design so you are never left wondering if the machine is live or not. An easily seen, large paddle power switch makes on/off operation clear and simple. There is even a a removable tool box to keep all the standard equipment handy and in one convenient place. You are given the option of also getting a dust hood if you require a dust collection system to be fastened to the Makita 2012NB portable bench-top planer.

Additional Specifications

The weight of this bench-top planer is a mere 61 lbs, allowing for transportability. The dimensions are listed as 19-1/64x 30-3/8×15-25/32 inches, ensuring a compact design for bench-top use. You will receive the planer, the blade set, a set of two magnetic holders, wrenches and the detachable tool box in this kit.